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The Membership Experience

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You are in the right place if:

  • You feel burnt out and overwhelmed by your ever-expanding to-do list and you want to have the time, energy and freedom to enjoy yourself and pursue your passions guilt-free

  • You worry about making others feel bad so you don’t speak your full truth and end up sacrificing your own wants and needs trying to please others

  • You are tired of trying to fit into a mold, of second-guessing yourself and worrying about what others might think, and you yearn to be whoever and whatever you want, when you want!

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No more pretending, pleasing, or proving:

It’s time to take off the mask and

Be free to be you!

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Here's what living powerfully as fuck in your most authentic expression looks like:

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  •  Getting to know and understand yourself on a cosmicly deep level

  •  Effortlessly connecting to your body and being present in the moment

  •  Enjoying healthy, meaningful relationships with people who love and accept you for who you are

  • Expanding your creativity as you dumping perfectionism and self-criticism

  • Speaking your truth with bold, invigorating passion and conviction 

  • Captivating the attention of others with heart, charisma, and integrity and attracting awesome people

  • Having your needs generously met and experiencing an abundance of pleasure

  • Trusting your choices, your intuition, and your capabilities

  • Feeling worthy as hell of having the life you dream of

  • Attracting amazing people into your life, be it clients, lovers, friends, or collaborators

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Untameable is about rediscovering and reclaiming your true self


It's falling back in love with yourself and reclaiming your true identity and self worth


It is the art of being fully, unapologetically, YOU.

Your see, authentic self expression is the key to self trust, confidence, and knowing who you are and what you want.


It's the foundation from which you are able to create meaningful connections with others, make aligned choices, communicate your needs with confidence, set strong, healthy boundaries, and be the driver of where your life is going.


In Untameable you will learn how to express yourself powerfully and authentically as fuck as the true being of nature you were born to be—and you'll fall in love with the true you along the way.

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Enrolling Now

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"I have become a woman"

“I was ALWAYS the good girl - NEVER speaking my truth & what I felt. I am proud to say that is no longer true . Everyday I find that I am speaking up for myself more & more and I feel so much more at peace with who I am and who I am becoming. I have become a WOMAN, no longer the little girl pleasing everyone except herself...I have NEVER been able to speak up to my parents and I can do that now and it's so liberating! And the flow of that ripples out into all my other relationships now and life.”

Teresa, EWSOC Alumni 

Give less fucks⁠—have more fun

Whether you want...

  • More time and energy to enjoy your passions and the things that light you up

  • More intimacy and emotional connection in your relationships

  • Greater and more consistent feelings of worthiness and self trust

  • To boldly stand out online amongst the noise and attract awesome people to you

  • To give fewer fucks about looking silly or making mistakes in front of others

  • Greater confidence and charisma in social settings (COVID social anxiety is real!)...

The Untameable Membership Experience will help break those glass ceilings and

Set your most authentic, unapologetic, empowered self free!

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We have a diverse group of women from different backgrounds in our school, including teachers, artists, writers, massage therapists, business owners, personal trainers, scout leaders, security guards, coaches, and HR managers to name a few!

We welcome all cultures, ethnicities, abilities and  religions, and are LGTBQIA+ friendly. Whether you're cisgender, transgender, or non-binary, if you know you want and need to be in a more nurturing, empathetic, warm, authentic, and creative environment where you are celebrated for who you are, then this  is the place for you!


  • Hang out with other authentic, no BS powerful women in an intimate setting and tap into their collective shared experience

  • Satisfy your passion for learning new skills and applying them to both your personal AND professional life

  • Have powerful tools and resources as well as ongoing support at your fingertips...


  • Immerse yourself in something fun, creative, AND healing

  • Do the work and take ownership of your results and resources

  • Create deep, meaningful change over quick fixes

  • Be curious and ask questions

  • Be open, vulnerable, and real

  • Move and make a bit of noise sometimes!


The Membership Experience

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is for you!
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Talk therapy and to do lists? Snore...

Let's get creative!

Our school uses a unique, multi-modality holistic approach to help women free their most powerful and authentic self expression. We are truly one-of-a-kind in the way we fuse performing arts, somatic body work, and transformational coaching to create lifelong change that you can embody at a deep soul level.

While we have a rock-solid, tried and tested sexy syllabus, it's about supporting you to practically apply and embody these teachings and skills on a much deeper, identity level so that you can act and choose from a place of authenticity, integrity and power in all areas of your life.

We have members who use our self expression classes as part of their regular, ongoing self-care. We also have members who love learning new skills and tools to use at home and in the workplace. And there are also members on a healing journey, whether that's to fall back in love with themselves or completely redefine and rediscover themselves.

We have three levels of membership available, and each one comes with different inclusions and types of access.


With no lock in contracts and the ability to upgrade, downgrade, cancel and reinstate your membership from month to month, the membership is highly flexible and tailored to you, so you stay in full control over your experience.


Check out what's included, what you'll learn, and the pricing options of each membership level.

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Immersive, Uplifting, and Supportive

Practical and immersive live classes

Our live virtual classroom is where we focus on retraining your nervous system so that you feel safe to express yourself. It is the ultimate playground where you will smash through fears and glass ceilings, release pent up emotions, and find your own powerful voice. Our members frequently undergo transformations that boggle their minds and blow them away!

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An uplifting,  supportive, non-judgemental community

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The heart of our work at the school and this membership experience is the deep connections you’ll form with other women who are also passionately questing to unlock their full power and express themselves authentically. From the social events to the intimate Connection Circles to the private Facebook group, you will never feel alone in this. Your trust and delight in your passions and capabilities will grow as you support each other on your journey.

Ongoing support from passionate, expert practitioners

As an Untameable member, you will also have the ongoing support of our trained, expert practitioners who are there to guide you along the way. We will meet you where you're at as well as challenge you to go further and dig deeper where we can see you about to breakthrough to something amazing. And yes we will lovingly call you out on your bullshit when necessary if the occasion requires as we want to EMPOWER you, not enable you.

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Explore new things, expand what's possible, and elevate your life!

The Untameable Membership Experience is affordable, flexible, and highly tailorable to your specific and changing needs. 


As a member you have full control over which classes you attend each month, and we're on deck to support and guide you with suggestions of classes that will be the most relevant and helpful to you.

Some people like to really focus in on a couple of key areas, others like to explore everything and see what really pops for them and over time they might focus in on their favourite or most beneficial classes.

This really is what makes our monthly membership so unique and valuable! There's heaps of flexibility and customisation , you don't have to know exactly what you need right now, and you're not locked in so it's OK for your mind and needs to change—and we're always around to support you with mapping out and organising your journey.

Heart-centred work that puts people before profit


Tired of high ticket six month coaching packages that lock people into lengthy payment plans and often over promise and under deliver, we took rebellious action and decided to break away from the status quo for the good of humanity, because fuck knows we all need a bit more of a helping hand right now!


​We saw we had an opportunity to be role models for true heart-based, passion-centered work in our industry that puts people before profit.

You will find so much value in the Untameable Membership Experience that you'll probably need to do a double-take and pinch yourself. Yes—it is real— and no—things don't have to be expensive for them to valuable and effective.

View Memberships

What's Included?

​Your choice of UNLIMITED live transformational classes

Take your pick from our diverse and exciting Core Classes which fuse performing arts and somatic body work with transformational coaching. With the guidance and support of our coaches and practitioners, you can tailor your experience to what YOU need and want each month. Whether that's getting in touch with your emotions, connecting to your body, strengthening your voice, or embodying a different character to get outside of your comfort zone and cultivate more self acceptance.

24/7 access to an exclusive membership site

As a member you get your own online portal where you can do monthly mini modules, download workbooks and resources, try our selection of courses, and dig around in The Vault (our back catalogue of recordings from past classes and workshops).

Private 24/7 access to our member-only  Facebook group

As a member you get to be part of a high quality, empowered community of women to connect with, share experiences with, and who are there to support and champion you along the way.

​Live Guest Expert Masterclasses

At least once a quarter we host special 90-minute workshops featuring guest practitioners on all topics expression, empowerment, and creativity. Think everything from singing, to sensuality, to Kundalini Yoga!


Regular Workshops

We run a variety of different workshops as an opportunity for you to focus more intensively on a particular skill, topic, or modality. Some of our past workshops have covered topics such as energy and archetypes, overcoming resistance, turning chaos into success, and reconnecting to sensuality. We have two main types of workshops: Bi-monthly Expansion Playgrounds, where we unpack and implement the monthly modules (these take place every other month) and our Seasonal Workshops, which take place in Winter and Summer during our breaks.

'Express' Sessions

These are live 30 minute guided sessions to deepen your self expression practice in the company of your fellow members. They are a great opportunity to dedicate time to yourself—especially if you're someone who is often forgetting to have your 'me time' and you could benefit from some time out. These are different to our Core Syllabus classes in that they are more leisurely and relaxed.​


Participation in our regular community events

Community is at the heart of the work we do, so all members get to participate in regular social events and sessions. We have monthly Connection Circles where members can spend time getting to know each other better as they swap stories and tips, and share wins and challenges along their journey. We also have quarterly Zoom parties where we have music, games, and nibbles, and you can even join our EWSOC Book Club too!

Further Opportunities

Because we believe in people having the choice about how much support they receive, we give you the option to add things like personalised coaching and our one and two day transformation events at a really affordable cost. These won't be for everybody, but for those who are seeking deep, personal transformation on an identity level, these are a priceless resource.

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Find, Own, and Share Your Voice

At The Embodied Woman School of Confidence we specialise in self expression. With over 450 practical classroom hours in the school with 100+ women since January 2021, we saw time and time again the same core skills and practices resulting in massive breakthroughs and transformation around women expressing themselves powerfully and authentically. These have now formed the foundation of our signature curriculum: The Power Principles and The Expression Codes.

As an Untameable Member you will learn, practice with, and embody the 3 Power Principles—Find, Own, and Share your voice—and the Expression Codes within them.

We teach you to use these both as a practical skill and as a diagnostic tool for self reflection and assessing progress, as well as for getting unstuck, solving challenges, and moving from pain to power. Read about them below!

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 Power Principle #1 - Find Your Voice

Finding your voice is all about connection, trust, and energy. This is where you let go of learned ‘rules’ and expectations and discover your own authentic voice and self-expression by exploring the following 3 Expression Codes:

Expression Code #1: Body Connection
Body Connection classes are where you learn how to ground and presence yourself, express your emotions, free up your impulses, and develop your internal sense of ‘yes’ and ‘no.' Some of our signature Body Connection classes included The Grounded Body, The Expressive Body, The Emotional Body, and The Animal Body.

Expression Code #2: Vocal Dynamics
Vocal Dynamics classes are where you learn how to use your voice as a powerful tool for expressing and accessing all parts of yourself. You will learn about resonance, projection, articulation, breath, tonality, pitch, and rhythm, and break through unconscious fears along the way toward a deeper understanding of your innermost self.

Expression Code #3: Emotional Release
Emotional Release classes are where you learn how to free up your emotions and unlock a new level of vitality, authenticity, and expression. We focus on letting go of self-judgement, releasing anger, healing sadness and grief, and accessing greater levels of joy and pride.  Some of our signature Emotional Release classes include Shame Release, Circle of Rage, and Joy Garden.

What you'll learn
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 Power Principle #2 - Own Your Voice

Owning your voice is all about self-acceptance, desire, and communication. This is where you unshackle from the masks, reclaim your true self, and make bold decisions that fulfill your needs and elevate your relationships by exploring 3 key areas:

Expression Code #4: Creative Rebellion
Creative Rebellion classes are where you unlearn Good Girl conditioning, break free from judgement and hiding, and learn how to be courageous real and vulnerable. Some of signature Creative Rebellion classes include Shadow Clowns, Taboo, and Risqué.


One of our members, Jackie, shares her experience of Shadow Clowns:

"I was initially feeling down and depressed and I didn't want to be dramatic. I initially thought I was gonna change who I'll show up as.  I wanted to show different emotions, because I don't generally show emotion. I learned to really move my emotions aside. I learned to be free and just be me. Not being dramatic but just being alive" 

Expression Code #5: Power Dynamics
Our Power Dynamics classes are heavily inspired by and based on the work of Kasia Urbaniak, author of Unbound: A Woman's Guide To Power. This is where you learn how to direct attention in alignment with your intention, and communicate with influence, assertiveness, and integrity.

Expression Code #6: Unbound Pleasure
Unbound Pleasure classes are where you can safely reawaken your sensuality, explore your deeper desires, and discover what truly lights you up and turns you on. Some of our signature Unbound Pleasure classes include The Art of Desire, The Breath of Desire, and In Your Wildest Dreams.

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 Power Principle #3 - Share Your Voice

Sharing your voice is all about taking up space, shining bright, and delighting in the moment. This is where you experience deep satisfaction and pride in yourself, your gifts, and what you have to share with others; it’s where you finally see and feel your own magic and unleash your fullest expression into the world!

Expression Code #7: Dramatic Dynamics

Dramatic Dynamics classes are where you get to explore different energies and characters, learn how to be even more bold and expressive, and delight in sharing spontaneous and creative moments with others. Some of our signature Dramatic Dynamics classes include Improve This, Imaginarium, and Into The Alter Ego-Verse.

Expression Code #8: Energetic Presence
Energetic Presence classes are where power dynamics and body connection meet; it's where you learn to feel safe to be more visible and take up space, and it's where you start to master expressing yourself through movement, physiology, and posture. Some of our signature Energetic Presence classes include Without Apology, Embodying The Alpha, Amplifying Your Influence, and Taking Up Space.

Expression Code #9: Magic Moments
Magic Moments classes are the coming together of all your work to find, own and share your voice. This is where you get the opportunity to share a powerful self expression piece in the most wildly loving and supportive container you’ll ever experience - the EWSOC community.

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"It's a sacred female space"

Read the story of long-term member, Fiona Mackintosh

“I was all in my head and, it turns out true creativity requires (for me) - heart, soul, AND body connected.  My creativity felt - HOLLOW - and on an intuitive level I understood it was hollow because I was hollow.  I was absent from my body.

I knew that my body disconnect was my block and I knew the block was at the throat level.  I just didn't know how to get past it and I'd been trying to use my mind to force a way in. Every time I "failed" I chose to believe it was that my will was not strong enough as opposed to understanding that what I didn't know was the key to unlock the door I had created and it was not my will but my breath.  It was not power over myself but surrender to the whole self that would show the silver path across the seas.  It was not knowing but FEELING - specifically Love and Self-Compassion that would lead me back to my heart centre.

In terms of what helped create the experience: The community and the space that Hayley co-created with each and every member. The power of being witnessed in healing by a group of women on the same journey of life - it turns out that this community with its very practical focus on mastering the basics, bodywork and breath and vocals - is a sacred ritual female space.  But the sacredness is authentic.  It emerges from the work.  It is authentic.  No candles or incense or marketing fluff - just the work, always the work - together and individually healing things we might not have even been aware were blocked.”

Why I created the

Untameable Membership Experience

I’ve spent a large part of my life trying to prove to myself to others while also downplaying my gifts and certain aspects of my personality in order to make people like me more.

I’ve played the People Pleaser. The Good Girl. The Golden Child. I’ve gone out of my way to do things for others at the detriment of my own needs and wellbeing. 

I’ve put up with emotional abuse in past relationships and blamed myself for not being enough.

I’ve apologised for being too passionate, too clever, too loud, too, too ambitious.

I’ve felt bad about being good at things and downplayed my gifts to try to fit in.

Hayley bio 2_edited.png
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While I am naturally expressive and self-assured and have 4 years of professional acting training under my belt, Good Girl conditioning taught me not to be so ‘difficult,’ ‘loud’ or ‘opinionated,’ and I found myself in toxic relationships and missing out on incredible opportunities because I didn’t believe I was capable or worthy of pulling them off.

One trip around the world, three failed businesses, and a lightning strike later (true story!) I found myself feeling anxious, depressed, frustrated, disconnected, and totally lost within myself.

I felt so much anger, resentment and shame that I was not being myself or living my truth. I felt like by not being true to me I was wasting my life, and yet I was scared to rock the boat.

But there was a fire within me that grew stronger and louder. I started to read a tonne of personal development books and listen to podcasts on mindset, habit change, and self-worth.

I then made the most powerful and life changing decision I have ever made: To put myself first and take my power back.

In October 2018 I enrolled in the top Professional Coaching Certification at The International Coaching Institute in Melbourne. I got coached as much as I possibly could, dived deep into the teachings and within a year I had been nominated as a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards and the Canberra Small Business Awards.

Two years later I won ICG Rising Star Coach of the Year and then in 2021, I won Coach of the Year in my mastermind program of the time.

Through it all my deep love and passion for the Arts remained. The Arts saved me in my darkest times, they gave me a voice when I didn't have one. They helped me to be seen when I felt invisible. They helped me to find and connect to myself anytime I felt lost.

So when I opened The Embodied Woman School of Confidence in January 2020  I knew that performing arts and somatic body work had to be the heart and soul of the school. The coaching comes in handy for when the emotional or mindset stuff comes up, but nothing is more healing or empowering than watching a room full of women be set free by the power of the Arts and self expression.

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The Performing Arts give us a voice,

and to have a voice is to have power

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The Best Cheerleaders You'll Ever Have!

Erica Headshot.png

Erica Kostiuk

Erica is a Nia Black Belt Teacher, certified Partnership Coach, and a Head Coach at the Embodied Woman School of Confidence. With over 10 years of somatic education and training, Erica is a leader in listening to and trusting the body’s wisdom through sensation. She has a holistic approach to transformational coaching, integrating the mind, body and emotions through dance, visualisation, and vocalisation.

EWSOC - Insta Profile Icon.png

Hayley Latcham

Hayley is a professionally trained actor, award-winning coach, and Founder, Creative Director, and Executive Coach of The Embodied Woman School of Confidence. With over 1000 hours of group coaching and facilitation experience, three decades of Performing Arts experience, as well as almost a decade working with movement and physicality, she is a master of fully embodied self expression and a passionate advocate for the Arts and female empowerment.

Tania Headshot.png

Tania Serfontein

Tania is a trained Postural Integrator, Transformational Life Coach, and a Head Coach at The Embodied Woman School of Confidence. With decades of body work and over 500+ hours in assisting clients in breaking through mental-emotional pain to experience greater joy, pleasure and fulfillment, she is now taking her work to the stage on her quest to impact and empower more people to unlock their power within.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." 

Over the last 18 months I have seen the way our members have responded to our performing arts based classes such as clowning, voice work, and improvisation.

How they have completely transformed and blossomed as they take off their mask and discover themselves.

How they have grown in courage to speak up to authority figures and ask partners to help meet their physical and emotional needs.

How they have grown to love and trust themselves with all their human imperfections.

I believe the arts have an absolutely critical role to play in the empowerment of women, especially in amplifying our voices and helping us to feel safe and confident to take up more space.

All of this and more is waiting for you inside Untameable.

Ready to find your unique voice and

take back your creative power?

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Caitlin Douglass.png

"I've found more of myself"

“This school is different because it's first and foremost a community, there aren't pages of assignments and consequences for getting things wrong/missing something, there are standards and expectations but it's all from a place of love. I have been stretched at every point and I am so grateful as I've found more of myself in those hard times than I would've if you made it easy on me. There's a sense of belonging, I'm seen in this community and it's okay to see everyone else, there's no walls while being a safe sanctuary of women”

Caitlin, EWSOC Current Member

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It's time to break free and live powerfully as fuck in your most authentic and unapologetic self expression!


The Membership Experience

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EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-02.png
EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-02.png
EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-02.png
EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-02.png
EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-02.png
EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-02.png
EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-02.png
EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-02.png

Your choice of UNLIMITED live transformational classes

PLUS, UNLIMTED 30-minute ‘Express’ Sessions

24/7 access to an exclusive membership site

Private 24/7 access to our member-only Facebook group

​Live Guest Expert Masterclasses

Regular Workshops

Participation in our regular community events

BONUS: 4-week Get Started Challenge to kickstart your first month

BONUS: 20-minute Orientation Call with Hayley Latcham

BONUS: Exclusive member-only discounts on personalised coaching and live events

NO lock in contracts
You are free to cancel your membership at any time

Hayley 4.png
EWSOC - Graphics - DIGITAL-29.png


$333 AUD

"It's pure magic"

"A safe sanctuary of women"

"I've embraced my quirks"

"The school has helped me to be more of me"

"I'm more alive than I've ever been"

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​We have a 14-day cooling-off period, where if within the first 14 days of purchasing your membership you change your mind, we will issue you a full refund⁠—no questions asked.

If you’re on the fence or other programs and past experiences have left you skeptical, then I want to give you peace of mind that the Untameable Membership Experience isn't just another another self-development “course”. I’m so fucking confident that you’ll see results when it comes to finding your voice, stepping into your power and expressing yourself authentically as fuck when you join us in Untameable, that I’m giving you a 14-day risk free money back guarantee.


You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain—but nothing changes if nothing changes.


I fully back what this membership is about and the work that we do in the school, so I know the only reason you’ll realise it won’t be for you is because it is genuinely not a match, and I would much rather you realise that early on than feel guilted or obligated into staying - that’s Good Girl shit!!

EWSOC - Graphics - DIGITAL-15.png



Book a quick call with me

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An Affordable Membership

That Changes Lives

We believe that access to tools and support that empower and transform should be more easily accessible without undervaluing the experience and effectiveness of the practitioners. 


We are bucking the trend of high-ticket, 5-figure group coaching programs and courses to bring you an affordable monthly membership with no lock-in contract, and plenty of optional extras for those with bigger budgets. 


This is in alignment with our values of inclusivity and integrity, as well as

 To help increase access to the arts for more women and girls around the world.


5% of your monthly membership fee goes towards a nominated performing arts charity that members like yourself get to vote for each quarter.


our global mission:

EWSOC Lightning Bolts - DIGITAL-06.png

Why Untameable Works...

You might have already have a coach—we are not that
You might already be enrolled in an online course—we are not that
You might already be a part of another mastermind or community—we are not that

We have all of those things,

but that’s not all of what Untameable is or why it works…

While I’ve laid out all the inclusions of the membership below for my ‘C’ DISC energy friends (I see you and appreciate your need for the details!), and yes we have fucking awesome coaches and content, I want you to understand that’s not really what you’re buying or why what we do works.


People buy how they want to feel, and nothing impacts how you feel more than the people you surround yourself with. 


“You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.”


And you need an uplifting, empowering, inspiring, nurturing, safe, encouraging and supportive environment where you KNOW you are surrounded by people who think, feel, and act in the ways you deeply desire to yourself.


Where you can spend quality time with like-minded soul sisters who are:


  • Quality thinkers

  • Emotionally healthy

  • Open-minded

  • Curious and creative

  • Courageous and gritty

  • Growth-oriented

  • Authentic and genuine

  • Collaborative and great to work with

  • Heart-centered


Women who value the same things YOU value. Who talk about what YOU want to talk about.

Women who are doing the types of things YOU want to do. Who are developing skills YOU want to develop. Women who are striving to be great and free with themselves - just like you.


Women who have the same healthy obsession for becoming the fully expressed and empowered woman they deeply desire to be - just like you.


Hang out in that space every week, and imagine how you’ll feel and where you’ll be 12 months from now... Imagine what you would unlock and awaken within you...

The key to unlocking all that creative potential and expressive power inside you is not what you’re investing your time in, but WHO you are investing your time in.

Untameable works because:

a) the quality of the people you are surrounded with, and
b) because we are constantly showing you that YOU are the key. YOU are the magic pill. The silver bullet. 


Untameable exists to show you your own brilliance. And THAT is true empowerment!

We are a collective of unicorns: 
There’s nothing else out there like us,

and there's no one out there like you—

which is why Untameable is perfect for you

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2,000+ Free Queen & Crown Images.png
EWSOC Backgrounds A4 - DIGITAL10.jpg


I know what you’re thinking. You’ve spent your life achieving things in record time. You’ve done the university degrees, the coaching courses, and the self help programs. Why subscribe to an ongoing membership when you can just do the work, get the results, and move on?

Because change doesn’t work that way.

You don’t pay for a gym membership to do one month of workouts and never exercise again. You pay for the consistency and community. It keeps you accountable. Reminds you to prioritise yourself. Motivates you to show up every week and continue to make progress.

We’re so quick to spend money on our physical wellbeing, but what about everything else? Your mind, heart, and soul need consistency and community too. Your relationship with your dreams, your desires, and the way you feel about yourself deserve the same attention and upkeep we give to our physical selves.

3 week courses don’t work for the same reason 3 week gym challenges don’t work. Sure, you might lose a few pounds while gaining some confidence and muscle, but after those three weeks? You go back to your same habits, same lifestyle, and reverse all of that progress.

A membership allows you to have your breakthroughs and continue to practice what those breakthroughs teach you every single day. To reform your thinking patterns, rewire your nervous system, and create new habits that transform your life.

A membership allows you to form deep, genuine, lifelong relationships with other members who soon become your biggest cheerleaders and most reliable supporters in your time of need.

A membership is about belonging and feeling and knowing that you are a part of something special

and that you matter


Community Love!

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The Membership Experience

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