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because you are so much more than a body

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Liberate yourself from a life of calorie counting, make peace with your body and finally feel like your best self

Learn to move and nourish your body intuitively

Trust and feel good about the choices you make for your body

Find physical balance and inner peace so you can

ditch the on-again-off-again dieting cycle

Imagine if you could finally stop obsessing about what you eat and what you weigh 24/7

Imagine if you could:

And what if you could love & accept yourself today?

Not once you've toned up or lost the last couple of kilos...

How amazing would that be?

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You'd be free...

Free from the vicious cycle of bingeing and dieting.

And free from the vicious little inner critic that tries to convince you that you are not good enough.


You are a fucking bad arse woman who is worthy and deserving of her own love and appreciation.

You’ve spent so many years trying to be someone who you thought other people would approve of - it's time to start being true to yourself, FOR YOU.


good enough


You just need to reconnect with that, and The Body Confidence Academy can show you how

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Body Confidence




You spend every waking minute worrying about what you're putting in your mouth and feeling guilty for it

You always seem to be trying different ways to get lean and tone up but end up frustrated and upset that your body looks nothing like the "ideal" of fit and healthy

You crucify yourself in the gym to work off cheat meals and extra calories and beat yourself up if you ever miss a workout

You know your life can't continue like this and you want to be able to relax and enjoy food and focus on the more important things you want to do


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You’ve been raised in amongst a cocktail of extreme social pressures, manipulative media, a booming diet industry that preys on your insecurity, and to top it off your folks never learned how to deal with emotions let alone taught you how to do it.


We were sold a lie of “I’ll be happier when” and got hooked on the endless pursuit of happiness and perfection⁠—not realising the key to feeling happy within ourselves is accepting who we are.


Your issues with food and body image have nothing to do with your body and everything to do with your conditioning and how you were taught to think, feel, and behave.

You grew up copying what you saw and heard around you.

Maybe you had a mum who always seemed to be on a different diet and complained about the way she looked in clothes.

Maybe, like me, you grew up in the 90s where being a size zero was all the rage, and celebrities were celebrated for weight loss and the covers of magazines were littered with willowy, air-brushed, blonde girls with perfect skin and a thigh gap to boot.


Body Confidence



Katherine, NSW

This program has been the key to unlocking the deep-rooted cause of my warped relationship with food and my body. I am 5 years into recovery from Bulimia and I had been searching far and wide for info and resources to assist me in finally uncovering the truth. Hayley has given me a priceless gift and allowed me to reconnect with my core self which goes far beyond diet, health, or self-image. 

Hayley is the kindest, most compassionate and understanding woman and coach who’s passion bravery and courage has allowed me to finally see the same qualities within myself. With her guidance, teachings, and support I have been able to start living a full life where I am free to be me and know that I am enough just as I am


Body Confidence




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Ultimately, you'll

feel like yourself

again and 

be free

to live and


all of the things you want to do

...and discover the epic life that awaits you

Nonna Vaysman

I can start by saying how proud I am of listening to my frightened inner voice so many months ago—I'm so thankful that i listened. I felt broken and unsure, and so out of touch with self, and i knew i was in pain.

To say that I have my confidence back and strength, and joy and spring in my step would be such an understatement. I have ME. I found her again! I know I can open my heart and be me. Not how someone wants me to be, or expected me to be. I don't have to apologise for being ME. I don't feel guilty for being ME. I feel grateful for being ME. I KNOW and I FEEL that i'm ENOUGH! 


I'll keep on working on myself with Hayley in the community and with the support of the members of the group who's always been there for each other. Another gift! No judgement—support, help, compassion and kindness is what we get in the group.

I can't thank you enough, Hayley! For your passion, for your honesty, for your strength, for the safety you provide for us, for your vulnerability and for the space you hold;  for the words you find and for the feelings you feel with us and teaching us how to feel them.

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Once you enrol, I send you a Welcome Email with your private login details so you can access the online learning portal. You will meet your fellow Academy members in our online Orientation session on Zoom, which takes place a few days before we start (Spring Cycle starts Monday 12th October). Everyone will receive a recording too in case you can't make it live.

Then every Monday your learning module will be released, including a class with cool content and a playbook (plus there's a downloadable audio version for the busy bees who like to multitask and learn while commuting/walking/cleaning!)

You get bonus midweek challenges too if you're looking for more strategies or you you prefer to learn through 'doing.' 

At the end of every week we have our live group coaching call on Zoom where you get personalised mentoring from me, a chance to ask questions, and you can catch up with your fellow Academy members!

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Each cycle is 12 weeks. As a bonus, everyone gets a full 12 months of mentoring from me, so you are invited to do another two cycles if you want to go deeper and maintain connection with other members - all at no extra cost! That's 36 group coaching calls across 12 months if you want maximum support. How awesome is that?


To help you manage your emotions and build a strong, positive mindset

Narelle Radford

I started Hayley's program unsure if I could ever break free from the emotional eating that controlled my life. Through this program I learned how to manage my emotions and turn to myself to fill my needs instead of turning to food. I was very shut down emotionally and scared to feel what I was experiencing. Hayley provided a safe environment for me to learn and grow, to explore my internal world and gain confidence in my ability to be my own best support. I had a vision of myself at the start of the program that I thought I could never achieve but here I am at the end of this program being the person I only dreamed I could be.

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Hi! I'm Hayley,

A.K.A, the Pommie Pocket Rocket.

I'm a professionally trained coach through The Coaching Institute—Australasia's #1 life coaching school—and an expert in body image, emotional intimacy, and building self-esteem.

If worrying about your weight and what you eat is dragging you down then you've landed in the right place. 

I am here to help you connect deeply to the REAL you so you can live a kick-arse life of joy and fulfilment—whatever body you're in.


I know what it's like to have low self-worth and to feel embarrassed to ask for help and worried about being judged by other people.


 You wish you could live up to everybody's expectations, but more than anything, you just want to be accepted for who you are.

I hear you.

And that's why I created The Body Confidence Academy. I have been on the journey (and still am) and my mission is to save you unnecessary years of further pain, shame, quick-fixes and winging it.

I trust this is the beginning of us getting to know each other and of something truly

life-changing for you.

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Body Confidence



Body Confidence






If you want comprehensive 1-on-1 priority support as you journey through the program, upgrade to become one of an elite few VIP members

You will receive 6 x 60-minute private coaching session with me across the 12 months (valued at $1,494), as well as unlimited email and text support


The Body Confidence Academy sales page b
Are you in?

Body Confidence




The complete 12 month program

Option A - Annual

Billed upfront for the year

Option B - Monthly


Billed monthly


The complete 12-month 



6 private coaching sessions

Priority support

Unlimited email & text access

Option A - Annual

Billed upfront for the year

Option B - Monthly


Billed monthly

Nadia Donatelli

Hayley, I need to tell you that you have had so much impact on my life. I set the intention at the beginning of the year to not be the same person at the end of this year, and I am well on my way thanks to you and your most outstanding program....hands down the best investment I have ever made for myself.


When the student is ready the teacher true in this case. Love love love your work Hayley, thank you for allowing me to be a part in it

Tanya Stocks

Thank you Hayley! I am so happy that I signed up onto your program. I have learned and healed heaps! Your step by step program helped me to restore my image or myself and more importantly, to heal my self esteem.


I learned that my needs matter and that taking care of them is absolutely important! This has healed the aching I have had in my heart for a very long time.


I highly recommend working with Hayley, to deepen your relationship with yourself, to take care of your mental, emotional and physical fitness, to heal body image wounding and to grow in your confidence and self-esteem.

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You want to break the cycle of stress eating and any other kind of emotional eating once and for all
You are done with quick-fixes, miracle herbs and bikini body challenges and you want confidence and certainty in following a complete process from start to finish that will finally help you feel better about yourself in a deep and lasting way.
You want to belong to a tribe of like-minded women on the same journey who you can confide in, share your wins and your struggles with and experience deeper connection with others
You are ready to say yes to you and solve the deeper problems underneath so that you can get on with the rest of your life and do all of the things you really want to do

I'm so confident that this program will help change the way you think about yourself and your body and find more acceptance and self-compassion, that if it doesn't, I'll give you your money back.



If after the first 30 days of the program you feel like it isn't working for you then I'm happy to issue a full refund.

All you need to do is show me that you've watched all of the classes in Phase 1 and completed the homeplay workbooks, and that you have attended the live group mentoring sessions every week so I know that you were fully invested in the program and doing the work.




How much time would I need to commit to this each week?

If you want to follow the suggested program road map you will need to set aside 1 - 2 hours each week, which would include 30 - 40 minutes watching or listening to the recorded training, 20 -30 minutes of personal reflection and implementing the midweek challenge, and 60 minutes for the live group mentoring session. Of course you can take longer if you need as you have lifetime access to the program as well as 12 months of ongoing personal coaching in our alumni calls. Everyone goes through the program at their own pace and there is no such thing as falling behind. If you wanted to you could spread each module out over a month.

What if I get sick or busy and need to take a break? I don't want to fall behind...

With lifetime access to the course there is no hard deadline which makes it impossible to fall behind! This is why I also give you 3 year's membership to my private online community supprt group so you can continue to get access to me, further trainings, and participate in fortnightly Q&A. In fact, at the Academy I actively encourage women to listen to and honour their bodies when they need a break. We'll be waiting to welcome you back with zero judgement and open arms when you feel like you can reengage again.

I'm not sure if now is the right time to do this...

If not now...when? There is no such thing as the "right" tme - in fact if you felt "ready" and confident to go ahead you probably wouldn't need the program as you'd already be taking action and letting go of the need to control your weight. We all have a natural resistance to change, but you're here, reading this, which means you've already taken the firs step and that somewhere deep down inside a voice is saying to you "I can't go on like this - it's time for me now - time to say yes!" Once you've made the commitment to yourself, you can take it one step at a time. Think about where you would rather be in 3 month's time from now...having turned away and still stuck where you are now? Or gone with that voice inside and already so much further on in making peace with your body and yourself. The one thing that guarantees nothing will change is not taking action...

I don't know if I can afford this?

If enrolling in this course means you won't be able to pay your bills this month, please pay your bills! But I do have a 12-month affordable payment plan to split the cost into smaller, much more manageable payments. Aussies spend an average of $140 a month on takeaway coffee - that's practically the same price as the monthly payment for this course! Yes this course is an investment of your time and money, but that pales into insignificance compared to the life-long, life-altering benefits of finally being rid of the constant front-of-mind fear and fixation with your weight and what you eat. If you are dying to do this course and are still struggling with how you're going to come up with the dollars, please contact me directly at and let's try to make this doable for you.

I have an eating disorder - can I do this program and would it work for me?

While I do currently work with women who are recovering from ED or who have struggled with one in their past if you have an active, diagnosed eating disorder, you must work with or consult a relevantly qualified Allied Health Professional before embarking on this program. P.S - I want you to know I hear you, I see you, I feel your pain. I struggled with anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder for 10 years, and looking back I wished I had someone there who had gone through it and understood the crippling dissatisfaction and inner conflict, and come out the other end to tell me I was good enough and loveable as I was, and that I would heal the more I got to discover and fall in love with my true inner authentic self.

Will this program help me lose weight?

This program is ABSOLUTELY NOT a weight loss program! There is no way I am enabling and encouraging a dieting culture and mindset. Your fixation on losing weight and toning up is one of the reason's you've been beating yourself up for not being good enough. I encourage you to elevate beyond your weight loss goals because you are SO MUCH MORE THAN A BODY. With The Body Confidence Academy you will learn to recognise and appreciate your true value and worth, and I will show you exactly how to connect with the drive and excitement of meaningful goals that expand your true potential.

What are your qualifications and expeience?

I'm a Level 4 Accredited Professional Coach trained through Australasia's #1 coaching school, The Coaching Institute in Melbourne, and I have a specialisation in emotional intimacy, self-esteem, and health, fitness and wellness. Prior to becoming a coach I worked in the health and fitness industry for almost seven years as a group fitness instructor and personal traininer, and this coupled with my personal experience in battling with and surviving anorexia uniquely position me to be able to understand and coach the mental and emotional aspects of negative body image and disordered eating.

I need to sort myself out before I do this program, otherwise I don't know if it will work for me...

Hun, you are not broken and you don't need fixing. And also, NOBODY has their shit together! I'm a few years into my journey and I still haven't "sorted myself out" - whatever that even means! We are human, and being human is messy, raw, real and beautiful. It is exactly the kind of attitude of "I'll do it when I've worked on myself" that has got you to where you are now. Because unless you DO THE WORK to work on yourself, you will not magically fell sorted out just from waiting, hoping, and procrastinating. How do you plan on working on yourself without the tools, structure, support, and accountability you need? And if you're in need of some more inspiration just check out the stories shared by other women on this page who have done the program or are still on the journey. If they can do it, you can too.

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