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Only available until Wednesday 21st December, 23:59 AEDT

If you want the freedom to be yourself...

To confidently make your own decisions...

And enjoy your life and feel fulfilled...

The Reawakening masterclass is for you


This series is for you if you want to:

Get unstuck and create real progress and momentum towards the ‘more’ you feel in your heart!

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Cultivate a deeper trust in yourself and  make super aligned decisions you're proud of!

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Do the things you love and enjoy guilt-free and amp up the joy and satisfaction in your life!

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Guide yourself through tough and challenging times with more hope and optimism

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In part 1 we focus on both the energetics and mechanics of building self trust, making great decisions, and strengthening your intuition with a 6-part skills-focused process and practice that you can start to apply in any area of your life.


  • What it looks like when you’re not following your authentic decision making process

  • An exercise to calculate the costs of decisions we are making out of alignment

  • Different examples of how inner authority works

  • The importance of legitimacy and the quantum physics of decision making

  • How we can start to calibrate our decision making using the 6 Sovereign Skills to direct our energy

  • A practical exercise to start honing in on your internal yes and no

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In part 2 we focus on understanding and navigating the pathway to a deeper, more sustainable sense of joy and fulfillment no matter what is happening emotionally or externally in your world.


  • The 3 Spheres to a life of Joy and Fulfilment

    • The 6 dimensions where we focus on self discovery and reconditioning

    • The role of conscious personality and unconscious design

  • Applying the behavioural psychology of habits to breaking free from conditioned patterns keeping you stuck

  • A guided breathing exercise to help you fully exhale and let go of any heavy energy from the past couple of years

  • A "Retroactive Joy" practice to harvest gold and gratitude for any painful past decisions and experiences

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Why I created the Reawakening Masterclass Series:

This is the first free online masterclass I have created and delivered in over 9 months. 2022 was my Dark Night Of The Soul, and I have come out the other end with the most embodied, unshakeable trust in myself and the universe than I've ever experienced!


As a line 4/6 Emotional Manifestor in Human Design, this is my Initiation not just to inspire and activate your own Reawakening, but to provide a clear process for how to walk that journey, and a context that will anchor your journey with a deep soul-driven purpose.

Why I have made the Reawakening Masterclass Series free to attend:

Because the past three years have been tough, and people need better access to support right now.


Because too many of you are choosing to stay stuck in the mess that was 2022 - the year that never was, and I can’t let you take that into 2023.


Because not everyone can afford to join a live program.


Because this training will impact a greater number of people.


So many reasons!

Above all, it's because making it free to attend felt vibrationally right in my heart and soul.

Our very own Founder and Creative Director at The Embodied Woman School of Confidence is your personal host and trainer for the Reawakening Masterclass series. Meet Hayley and read all about why she created this masterclass, and why she is so passionate and excited about teaching it.

Hayley Latcham
Founder & Creative Director at EWSOC

Hayley's own journey towards being unapologetically herself and living a more fulfulling life started in 2016 after being struck by lightning. This was the catalyst that lead her into the coaching and personal development space.


Almost seven years on she now heads the award-winning Embodied Woman School of Confidence where our participants learn how to be and love who they really are, make their own decisions with confidence, and engage joyfully with life through embodiment and exploration in safe and supportive community spaces.


How I personally feel about the Reawakening Masterclass Series:

Obsessed, proud, passionate, excited, and lit up!!!


I have infused this growth experience with some of the most important pieces that have fueled my own transformation and got me through my dark night of the soul this year.


The thinking, the self talk, the perspectives, the internal processes, the questions, the actions - I've laid it all out to bare in a clear and concise way so you actually walk away from this having received something really valuable that you can use straight away to make improvements.

Why I believe you should attend:

Because we are actually going to do the work together in the room!

Because it is highly experiential, you are highly likely to have shifts and breakthroughs in the room

Because I've designed it around an outcome for YOU, rather than as a way to sell you something

Because you get to take home the tools and processes to continue working on them, as well as activity sheets for your next step


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Click on the ACCESS ON DEMAND button below and complete and submit the quick and easy pop up form to get your limited time private access to the complete Reawakening Masterclass Series

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