Be confident in your own skin

If you’ve ever worried about how your body looks, what you eat or how much, and are seeking a way to accept your body and be free with food, you’ve landed in the right place.

I spent years of my life completely preoccupied with my body and controlling my weight. I struggled with anorexia and body dysmorphia throughout my teens and twenties, and it stopped me from enjoying so many other things.​​ Unlearning all the shit that damaged my relationship with my body and with food, and ultimately myself, has been the most worthwhile journey I’ve ever been on, which is why I now help women all around the world take this journey for themselves.

Yes, there are going to be emotional highs and lows, and you will face some uncomfortable truths and probably wade through some buried baggage - but believe me, it's worth it. Choose to say YES, and I’ll be there by your side the whole time, leading you through it step-by-step.

Freedom from the preoccupation with your body is possible, and you can finally have the energy and the motivation to live a kick-ass life of your own design and embrace the real you, inside and out.

About Hayley

Body image coach. Speaker. Anorexia survivor.

Hey I'm Hayley, and I'm a body image coach with a passion for leading women towards self-acceptance and freedom from disordered eating.
I worked in the fitness industry until a wake up call in the form of a lightning strike (no cool Harry Potter scar for me though). Having a near-death experience made me realise I wasn't living my true purpose, that I was just another cog in a diet-crazy thin-obsessed world kidding myself that I was making a real difference in the fitness industry.

My perception of health and fitness totally changed. I saw the negative impact that dieting and controlling weight has on women's mental and emotional health and I knew I had to change the whole deal around weight loss, diet, and body image. These experiences, combined with my own history of body dysmorphia and anorexia, now fuel me on my mission to inspire a life of body freedom and fulfilment for all women.


Journey beyond your body to reclaim your true self

I help women achieve food and body freedom by empowering them to repair their self-esteem

You see, the problem has never actually been about the food or the way you feel about your body. These are symptoms of something deeper within you.

Worrying ahout your weight and what you eat are the problems that distract you from the real problems - the issues you find too difficult to deal with. When you grow up with low self-esteem you don't trust yourself to handle these difficult issues (issues which tend to be major drivers of poor body image and disordered eating).

Unless we deal with the root issues, attempts at "fixing" ourselves through weight control will only result in further emptiness and dissatisfaction. We've got to rebuild our self-esteem from the inside - learning to set boundaries, meet our needs, and deal with our emotions. THIS is the key to feeling comfortable and confident in who you are, regardless of what's on the outside. ​

Work with me to take this journey and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.


One-on-one Coaching

The most comprehensive service dedicated to your personal transformation.

This pathway is for those who want the most support and accountability. One-on-one coaching with me gives you a safe and private space to reach out about anything. Completely judgement free, it's all about what YOU need. It's YOUR time to be heard and helped.


Delivered entirely online via video call so that you can work around your busy schedule, you receive unlimited and priority access to me as your personal coach.

Your coaching package is completely tailored to suit you, from number of sessions, frequency, to payment schedule. Contact me to find out more.

Embodying You Program

Overcome body image challenges while connecting to an intimate community of like-minded women.

This group coaching program is ideal for women who want to build a strong support network for extra encouragement on their own journey.

Delivered entirely online over six weeks, the Embodying You program is great for women starting out on their food and body freedom journey, who want to understand more about themselves and start making some profound changes. Numbers are limited to maintain intimacy and ensure your needs are met.

You'll get exclusive access to webinars, Q&A's, downloadables, guided meditations, live coaching demos, and more. Contact me to find out when the next enrollment opens.

What clients say about working with me


Danni, one-on-one client

Since having Hayley as a Coach, I've never been happier or healthier. I recently ran my first 5km, which is something I thought I could never do due to my health issues. Since Hayley's coaching, my prevalent 'health issues' have strangely disappeared... Her holistic method WORKS and is a genuine treat.


I highly recommend Hayley to ANYONE. Coaching is not usually something I would consider, but she is trustworthy, intelligent, and adaptable; she is highly professional while still maintaining her warmth and authenticity, which is quite rare in the fitness/wellness industry.


I cannot recommend Hayley enough


Wondering what to do next?

If you want to make a change and you like the sound of what I do, book an initial online consultation with me. Or you can use this form if you just want to ask a quick question.

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0435 433 988

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